Gospel Music History Trivia

1) What gospel artist made his/her national debut with the song

2) Who is the composer of “Lord, Don’t Move the Mountain”?

3) What gospel group met on the campus of Bethune-Cookman College
in the 1990s and formed their group following that chance encounter?

4) What artist was known as the Songbird of Texas in the 1950s?

5) What gospel artist pastors the New bethel COGIC in Toledo, OH?

6) Who formed the Gospel Caravans group in 1947?

7) Who filled in for Dorothy Love Coates in the Gospel Harmonettes
when Coates was pregnant?

8) What gospel artist says that he was influenced to sing gospel
after hearing Commissioned’s “Running Back to You”?

9) Who was the featured vocalist on Donald Vails & the Choraleers’
“He Decided to Die”?

10) What group is nicknamed the Sweet Sisters of Zion?

11) What gospel legend was once the sales manager at the Clara Ward Singers’ Philadelphia record store?

12) The Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church Choir’s 1973 hit “I’ll Make it Alright” was based on what pop song?

13) What gospel group recorded the Rollingstones’ “Salt of the Earth”
at the group’s request?

14) Who is the first gospel artist to hit #1 on the Radio & records’
smooth jazz chart?

15) What artist attended the Snow Hill Institute in Bessemer, AL?

16) What platinum-selling gospel artist once sang with Benny Cummings?

17) What gospel legend played percussion on Motown songs such as the Jackson 5’s “ABC” and Diana Ross’ “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”?

18) What gospel group performed “The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling” at Radio City Music hall in 1971?

19) What gospel artist wrote the blues song “Tight like That”?

20) Rev. James Cleveland officiated at the wedding of what singer who was once a Sam Cooke protégé?

21) What does the QC in the Spiritual QCs stand for?

22) Who was first cited as the godfather of Christian rap?

23) Fred Hammond produced the debut cd of what Christian rap group in 1990?

24) What quartet singer was nicknamed”Pretty Boy” in the 1950s?

25) What specific gospel quartet had a musical influence on James Brown?

26) What gospel group’s name was inspired by Charles Lindburgh’s plane?

27) Who was the first female to record a gospel song?

28) What gospel artist began her career with the Lockhart Singers?

29) The Paramounts trasnformed into what group?

30) What gospel popularized “Royal telephone” and “Stop Playing Numbers and Pray.”

31) Who was the first black gospel group to perform at the D.A.R.
Constitution Hall?

32) What artist was caregiver to a preacher’s sick wife, then married the preacher after the wife died and set off a church scandal?

33) What gospel artist hailed from the Polk Street COGIC Choir?

34) Who first introduced the song “I Wn’t Complain”?

35) Madame Artelia Hutchins’ performance at the 1926 Baptist Convention provoked what artist to abandon a classical music career for a gospel career?

36) What is the best-selling black gospel recording of all time?
Edwin Hawkins’ “Oh, Happy Day.”

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